Covid-19 Testing

As the situation remains very fluid, the relevant Government and/or Health Authorities may change protocols, at any given time, or in particular to any given passenger or case.

Flying to Zanzibar:

All passengers travelling from South Africa to Zanzibar, irrespective of airline must be in possession of a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours prior to travel. All passengers will be required to complete Port Health Exit Screening Questionnaire digitally at least 2 days prior to travel (https://sa-covid-19-travel.info/exitq/create) as well as Zanzibar’s Traveller’s Surveillance Form for the flight out of South Africa to Zanzibar, and will be subject to temperature and advanced screening at both airports.

Flying back to South Africa:

All passengers flying back into oR Tambo from Zanzibar will be required to produce a negative PCR test in order to board the flight.

Additionally, all passengers will be required to complete Zanzibar’s Surveillance Form for exit.

South Africa’s Passenger Health Questionnaire for re-entry, which is available digitally (https://sa-covid-19-travel.info/entryq/create), must be completed no later than 2 days prior to travel.

We can assist with the PCR test in Zanzibar: The cost is R1650 per person, including the PCR test fee and the medical representative (prepayable prior to your departure). At the time of booking we will require passport copies and a valid email address to input into the PCR registration portal. Our associate office in Zanzibar will collect you from your resort and escort you to a testing facility in Stone Town and will return your test certificate to you prior to your return flight to South Africa. This paperwork, indicating a negative test result, must be presented to Port Authority on arrival in South Africa. Please note that authorities in Zanzibar do not work on weekends or public holidays and kit availability is limited so should you not be able to test in Zanzibar for reasons beyond our control your prepayment will be refunded on our first working day.

All costs associated to quarantining in Zanzibar (in the event of a positive Covid test result) shall be for the passengers’ account.

Children under the age of 5 are exempt from PCR testing.

We recommend pre-printing and completing the Zanzibar Surveillance Form as well as South African Passenger Health Questionnaire. Own sanitiser may be travelled with, up to 100ml per person, in a container that does not exceed this limitation requirement.

Masks are to be worn at all times when at both airports and in flight. It is suggested that you pack multiple masks for use, as even though masks are not considered mandatory for Zanzibar excursions, it is encouraged.

Please note that it remains the relevant country’s health authority’s prerogative to change quarantine and/or COVID protocols, at any given time. Please note that many airlines offer little, to no, onboard food service so we recommend that you take any snacks or refreshments for the duration of your flight journey with you.