Welcome to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a beautifully diverse destination where you can experience the perfect blend of history, with a splash of the African charm, together with wonderful exotic beaches. From historial Stonetown, a UNESCO world heritage site, with its shops, markets, rooftop restaurants, to traditional villages, turtle sanctuary, white sandy beaches shaded with palm trees and calm, turquoise waters, there is really something for everyone.


The majority of the nation is Muslim (with mosques in all the villages). There is a small representation of Christian, Hindu and other smaller religions. Zanzibar is known no only for its gorgeous beaches and spice farms, but also for the African, Arabic and Portuguese influences which all contribute to this cultural hotpot. Outside of the resorts, respect is required for the culture by dressing modestly and refraining from public displays of affection, especially when visiting Stonetown.


Swahili is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood.


Located just south of the Equator, Zanzibar enjoys a year-round tropical climate, with temperatures averaging 30ºC. The main rainy season is March through to May where sudden downpours are the norm, and are a welcome relief from the heat.

Time Zone

East Africa Time (GMT+3)
Which is 1 hour ahead of South Africa.

Visas and Passports

South African passport holders NO LONGER require a visa for Zanzibar/Tanzania, when the intended stay is for leisure purposes, and does not exceed three months.

All other passport holders require a Visa which can be obtained on arrival at Zanzibar Aiport for an amount of US$50 – payable in CASH ONLY.

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival date of travel, and needs to have at least 3 blank pages.


The local currency is Tanzania Shillings and US$Cash. Credit Cards are accepted at hotels. Please note that US$100 and US$50 bills printed in or BEFORE the year 2006, are no longer accepted as valid currency in Zanzibar or Tanzania.


There is an infrastructure tax of US$11 per person, per day imposed by the Zanzibar Revenue Board, and is included in the rate charged for your accommodation. This tax is applicable to both adults and children.


Zi Villa uses the South African 3 pin plug points, but Zi Beach House, Zi Dhow Cottage and Zi Loft Cottage use European plugs so it is advisable that you take along international adaptors for your personal,2 pin round pin appliances such as cell phones, hairdryers etc.,


Zanzibar is situated in a Malaria zone, so we recommend that you consult your physician regarding preventative medication required before you travel.

Yellow Fever is no longer required by South African residents only.

Drink only bottled water and take the necessary precautions again the sun. Zanzibar is a tropical destination so don’t forget the insect repellent!

Global Airways Flights

If you are travelling from South Africa there is a direct Zanzibar flight operated by Global Airways every Saturday. Due to the current COVID regulations, meals and beverages are not available on board with the exception of a bottle of water per passenger.

You can purchase snacks and refreshments for your onboard consumption after passing through customs at both O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, as well as Zanzibar Airport.

Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that you take out adequate travel insurance.